Everly-Fan possesses "world collection" CD's and LP's
Since his childhood Piet Piekstra has a weak spot for the harmonious community singing of the brothers Don and Phil Everly - meanwhile 60 years of age. After the Reunion concert of the brothers in 1983 in London he became a fanatic fan and collector instead of a passive admirer. Meanwhile Piekstra, who is a police sergeant at the coastquard, possesses, according to what he says, one of the biggest collections of CD's and LP's of The Everly Brothers in the world.
Roughly 600 LP's and 350 CD's - from Chinese to Israelian issues - he cherishes in his "treasure-chamber" where you also can find the framed tickets from the 15 Everly concerts he has visited. Because of the extensiveness of his collection it's hard to find new items on the recordfairs nowadays. So now he also traces the internet. Other Everly fans like to make use of his knowledge. Piekstra's website
(http://home.hccnet.nl/p.piekstra) is a highly visited one and almost every day he gets requests for information and glorifying reactions.
The real collecor is enthusiastic for a color vinyl he doesn't have. Also for a special label in the center of a record and covertexts in different languages. From one collection-album Piekstra has over 25 of it. He admitted that collecting itself has became the target to him, but he never loses the music out of his eye. "If I am working on my collection I usually listen to their music. Mostly it is a CD with some unknown numbers on it. My favourite is Temptation, a song from the beginning. Very high and very pure at the same time. It pierces you to the very marrow..". Piekstra has some number of ten CD's and LP's to go before his collection is complete.